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Is it possible to get printed invitations?

Yes, you need to choose the Gold package. We will take care of the printing and mailing of the invitations. The bride and groom will only have to provide all the necessary data for the mailing.

Can I customise the wedding list by including a link to a company or non-profit organisation?

You can choose to include an Iban, a link to a company, a non-profit organisation or a travel list. This must be communicated by e-mail, immediately after the purchase of any package.

Which photo format is required for the realisation of the invitation?

A horizontal and, if possible, high-resolution format is required.

Is it possible to have the QR code of the digital invitation to add in the printed version?

Yes, of course!

What is the management platform for?

The management platform is a valuable ally in the planning and management of the guest list. At any time, you can have the exact number of guests who have confirmed their attendance.

I am not very fond of technology, will I be able to use the management platform?

No specific skills are required to use the management system. In fact, it is designed to be used even by those who are not very familiar with technology.

For how long will the management platform be active?

After sixty days from the wedding date, the management platform will be disabled.

Can I customise the management platform with the same style as the digital invitation?

This option is included in the Exclusive, International and All Inclusive packages. Any other customisation requests are to be agreed with the staff of Sposi Digitali.

How does the delivery of digital invitations to guests take place?

It will be delivered through a link that the bride and groom will send to their guests via Whatsapp.

Who will be able to see the wedding invitation once it has been created?

The invitations can only be seen by those who have the link provided by you. All invitations are hidden from search engines, so no outsider will be able to search for them, neither on our site, nor on Google, nor from any other search engine.

I need to create multilingual invitations. is it possible?

In the dedicated section, you will find the "International" package, specifically designed for the creation of invitations in multiple languages; for any explanations or additional information, please contact the Sposi Digitali staff.