Partecipazioni nozze digitali: quando sceglierle? - Sposi Digitali

Online wedding invitations: when should you choose them?

With the passing of the years and the evolution of the digital era, wedding invitations have also undergone a real revolution.

According to the oldest traditions, invitations might be strictly printed and with specific characteristics dictated by etiquette, today, however, is possible to personalize them in the most disparate ways. 


Below, are all the element in favor of choosing online wedding invitations: 

  • A great time saver, as it allows all guests, including those from abroad, to be reached in a short time; 
  • Personalizzazione, digital allows a wider range of possibilities in terms of characterization; 
  • Ecology, as they allow waste to be eliminated by the significantly reduction of paper and printing use.


Also the digital choice, while it has a variety of benefits, also carries some downsides: 

  • The realization of online invitation requires the use of a PC or a smarthphone;
  • It doesn’t allow the immediate sharing of emotions with the closest people.

paper or online format?

Sposi Digitali recommends using both formats and taking advantage of the features of each where possible. So it could be a great option to use digital wedding invitations to reach the most distant guests and to adopt the paper version to be given to the most intimate people, for sharing the excitement of  such important news.